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Creative Marketer

A good camera takes a good photo.
A great photographer tells a story.

Facts tell, stories sell.

So what’s your marketing story?

About me

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Clients I have handled

Leading brands I have previously managed.
Key Skills / Services
I am a 'Versatilist'

A Versatilist is someone who can be a specialist for a particular discipline, while at the same time be able to change to another role with the same ease.

“Versatilists are able to apply a depth of skill to a progressively widening scope of situations and experiences, equally at ease with technical issues as with business strategy.”
– recently published in an article by Gartner Inc

To illustrate this using a mathematical concept, the Versitilist has a higher area under the curve rating. Think of a person having some level of knowledge/experience in 15 knowledge areas. That person may have a very high competency (score 5) in 3 areas, a medium level of competency (score 3) in 5 areas an introductory level of competency (score 1) in 4 areas and no competency (score 0) in 3 areas. This creates an area under the curve of 34.

This is different from a specialist who may score very high in one area and have no competency in others. This is also different from a generalist who may score a 1 or 3 in every area.

In a nutshell, a Versatilist is a specialist across a few disciplines.

[ source: Wikipedia ]

Let’s be honest: It’s tough to write some snappy creative copy for a campaign, but it’s close to impossible godliness to write a short auto-biography/foreword about yourself.

Where do I even begin?

Let’s start at the beginning…

Since young, I’ve always been a ahead of the curve. When I was in primary school, my parents bought me books for high school. And when I was in highschool I was already reading ‘How to start a Business for Dummies’ and writing mock Business Strategies and Proposals.

However my first love and passion was Advertising & Marketing. I’ll admit it, art had always had a snazzy and electrifying pull to my attention. Not boring high-society classical art (though I do occasionally enjoy them), mind you, but more of the functional modern art that eludes the average normal human perception.

Everyday as I walk on the street, the first thing in my mind is, “What makes all these people buy what they’re wearing? What makes them tick?”

Apparently it’s called ‘Neuromarketing’ (some new buzzword). It’s just good advertising/marketing, geez.

And marketing isn’t just about words and numbers, it’s about the entirety of everything business.

From catching attention, sending the right message, to finally convincing them to part with their hard earned money and hand it over to you, and with great service? Continue to do so in the future!

Basically that’s what I’ve been doing – gathering experience points from all different angles and positions. 

  • Brand & Business Audit
  • Brand Message/Direction
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Development (Logo & Identity Conceptual Design)
  • Corporate Identity System (CIS)
  • Brand Marketing
  • Brand Management
    (Training & Project Management)
  • (Digital) Marketing & Business Auditing
  • Establishing KPIs and Success Measurements
  • Go-To Marketing Plan
    (Brand & Business Asset Integration)
  • Inbound (Digital) Marketing Strategy
    – Buyer Persona
    – Buyer’s Journey
  • Managing (Digital) Marketing Campaign teams:
    (Account Managers, Campaign Operations, Creative, Finance & Sales)
  • Establishing and executing (Digital) Marketing Tactics across omni-channels and platforms (Media Planning/Strategy):
    – SEO/SEM (Google Garage Certified)
    – Email Marketing (MailChimp, HubSpot)
    – PPC Paid Marketing (Facebook Blueprint and LinkedIn Certified)
    – Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok)
    – Content Marketing
    (See Content Strategist)
  • Managing and maintaining deliverables timeline
    (See Project Management)
  • Optimizing & reporting (Digital) Marketing campaigns
  • Certified ‘Inbound‘ Digital Marketer.
    (What is Inbound Marketing?)
  • Creative Asset Audit
  • Creative, Marketing, and Business Alignment
  • Creative Conceptualizing
    – Campaign Message
    – Brand Positioning
    – Storyboarding 
    – Creative Content Strategizing
  • Creative Strategy & Brief
  • Brand Guidelines/CIS authority
  • Establishing omni-channels and platforms
    (Media Planning/Strategy)
  • Creative Content management
  • Art Directing (if needed)
  • Content Audit
  • Content Strategizing – content flow, nurture, drips, segmentation, consumables.
  • Content Planning – Road mapping
  • Manage Deliverables
  • Editorial – Q/C & proof reading
  • Journalism – reporting and reviewing
  • CRM & CMS (HubSpot, WordPress) management
  • Content Optimization and migration
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Storyboarding
  • Logo & Brand design
  • Print (DTP, ATL/BTL) & Online Corporate collaterals
  • WordPress
  • Elementor
  • Google Suite integration
  • CSS & HTML proficient
  • CPanel & MySQL
  • Inbound Marketing Methodology
  • Agile Software Development Methodology
    – Advanced Certification; Training & Assessment
  • PDL
    – Personal Development Leadership
  • Microsoft Office
    – Word
    – Excel
    – PowerPoint
    – Outlook
  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Freshbook
  • Google Suite
    – Hangout, Drive, Chat, Gmail, Calendar
  • Discord
  • Zoom

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