About Derek

Derek Yap is an artist, digital marketer, and business developer based out of the island of Singapore.

Originally born and raised in the metropolitan of Kuala Lumpur, Derek moved on to Singapore to further grow and expand his horizons.

He started out as a Graphic Designer and climbed the ladder to becoming a Junior Art Director. Along the way he did many projects involving account managing, as well as copywriting.

Having English as his first language, he even tried his hand at journalism with a UK-based technology and gadget lifestyle magazine. He also started his own nightlife and events eMagazine later in 2012.

At that time he was also an influencer – utilizing his branding, advertising and marketing experience, he won the 2009 title for a social media challenge as top celebrity blogger.

Shortly after, Derek took a break from behind the desk, to soaring the sky – earning his wings with Singapore Airlines and traveling the world.

Descending from the skies, he came back and continued on his career path as a Marketing Manager. Armed with his experience as a designer and account management, he managed one of Singapore’s top clients at that time – Uber.

However, once acquired by its rival, Derek moved on to the next phase of his life – digital marketing. And with his social media influencer experience, digital marketing was just getting back on the bandwagon.

His colorful background gives him an advantage over others as he can clearly speak from experience of industries’ best practices, and in-depth understanding of how branding, advertising, marketing, and sales function together.

First Matters.