As a certified professional marketer and experienced creative, I offer 360° creative marketing to help businesses achieve better campaign performance and ultimately; results.


My variety of hands-on experiences gives me great insights on every aspect of marketing. Everything from buyer’s persona, customer journey, to social impacts and behaviours, to finally performance data and success measurement metrics.


And these all results in business growth and profitability.



As for credentials, I am a Certified Professional Marketer (CPM), PgCert (Masters equivalent) in Asia business marketing, by AMF (Asia Marketing Federation), accredited by the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS), issued by the National University of Singapore (NUS).

I also hold double-diplomas in visual communication; graphic & multimedia design (advertising major), certified ‘Personal Development Leadership’, and Singapore’s ACTA (Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment) – now known as ACLP.


I was also a former influencer (celebrity blogger) in 2006 – 2009, I where I won a social media competition award and was featured on local TV, radio, newspaper, and as the center cover of FACES Magazine ‘Most influential celebrity blogger’ winner.


With my colourful experiences, I now help businesses with better, more efficient end-to-end marketing from the insights I have gained over the years. 

Everything About Me

Brand Specialist

I have organized brand workshops, delved into brand DNA, identified brand positioning, mission statements, and developed CIS for corporations, SMEs and enterprise businesses.


Branding is the foundation of a great marketing campaign and the cornerstone of a company.

Brand designer, Brand manager, Strategy & brand manager

Creative Director

I have narrated and visually communicated great campaign messages that motivates audiences to convert into customers. With my design background combined with marketing experience, I give creative direction specific purposes to achieve SMART goal campaigns.

Brand designer, Graphic & multimedia designer, Art director, Creative director

Professional Marketer

While marketing data is important, I view campaign performances through several different lenses; customer journeys, user experience, and finally measurement metrics. I adopt the ‘Inbound’ methodology that focuses on customer value and user experience that converts into actionable data benchmarks.

Digital marketing consultant, Strategy & brand marketing manager

Digital Designer

A big chunk of marketing campaign works are in its deliverable assets. Knowing how to craft and deliver top-notch design with specific purposes is essential to reaching out to our target audiences.


I do branding designs, ATL/BTL, website and landing pages, to EDMs and print media

Brand designer, Graphic & multimedia designer, Art director, Creative director

Social Media Specialist

As a former influencer, I have inate knowledge and know-how of how to create, and exploit trends. Omni-channel and social media targeting, along with content is essentiall the essence of Inbound marketing.


Social Media is merely a platform for promotion, and with the right strategy and tactics, it will amplify one’s efforts.

Graphic & multimedia designer, Brand manager, Strategy & brand marketing manager, Content marketer, Digital marketing consultant

Project Management

Having being a designer, journalist, and marketer myself, these experiences enables me to better manage projects and teams; especially QC project outcomes.


My responsibility includes ideating and conceptualizing, managing the various aspects of the project itself, along with delivering outcomes and reports.

Brand manager, Strategy & brand marketing manager, Project director, Business development manager, Digital marketing consultant

Content Manager

I am a very proficient native English speaker.

I do content copywriting and proofreading that goes in-line with creative direction, and strategic marketing purposes. Formerly a journalist/senior writer for a UK gadget & lifestyle magazine, editorial and content creation is second nature to me.

Brand manager, Journalist/Senior writer, Project director, Digital marketing consultant

Business Development

At the core of every and all efforts – business growth. Combining all the areas of marketing, my sole purpose and direction is for revenue expansion and business growth. I strategize my marketing plan with the sole purpose of building up the business. I have had business management and development training; putting together a business strategy and proposal, to presenting and forecasting prospective marketing ventures.

Project director, Digital marketing consultant, Strategy & brand marketing manager, Business development manager

Client/Customer Relationship

In today’s competitive landscape, client retention is ever important. Having worked in customer servicing and PR in my early years, I have adopted, practiced, and refined many different aspects of this. This is true especially through the Inbound methodology, client retention, satisfaction, and advocacy has now become a critical area of business.

Project director, Digital marketing consultant, Strategy & brand marketing manager, Business development manager

Fun Facts

Originally born in the multi-cultural metropolitan of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Derek now resides in the busy island of Singapore.


He is an avid animation and commercial enthusiast and grew up in the Generation X era. At the age of 8 he started a small part-time business, renting out comic books and it diversified to collectible holographic japanese anime/Marvel & DC trading cards… until he got reprimanded for doing side-hustle in school. He then dabbled and self-learned how to build his own website in 1996 on Geocities, and was very well versed in the early days of the internet; mIRC, ICQ, RealMedia, CoralDraw, Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, and many others.


At the age of 15, Derek knew what he wanted to do – to be a freelance executive creative director, managing global clients while working from home.


After entering the work force, he then reevaluated his ambition and finally became a professional marketer.

Work Experience

Derek started out as a Graphic Designer after graduation in 2003 and was groomed and mentored to be a Brand Specialist. Soon he climbed the career ladder to becoming a Jr. Art Director and freelance Creative Director.

Having english as his native language, he also worked as a Senior Writer for a UK tech & lifestyle gadget magazine – STUFF. At that time, he was also an Celebrity Blogger and won a 2009 social media competition title for ‘Most Wanted Ruumate’ against 20 other influencers.

Shortly after, he took a break from working behind the desk, to traveling the world with Singapore Airlines as a Cabin Crew.

Descending from the skies, Derek settled down and continued his career path, this time as a professional Marketing Executive – managing one of Singapore’s top clients at the time;
Uber SG.

Upon being acquired by its rival, he moved onto the next phase of his career – as a Digital Marketing Consultant (Associate Director).

Armed with his past experiences, digital marketing was like riding a bicycle. His colourful background gives Derek an advantage over others as he can clearly speak from experience of industries’ best practices, and better insights on how branding, advertising & digital marketing, and sales all come together.

First Matters.

“Creativity is not created, it is there for us to find – it is an act of discovery.”

George Lois

Art Director, Designer, Author
“Damn Good Advice (for people with talent), 2012

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“Even a brilliant idea won’t sell itself.” as quoted by legendary advertiser George Lois.
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