Shifting business perspectives

Are the people and different departments of the organization misaligned?

Or perhaps you just need a starting point to kickstart your business?


your business.

preparing your business for longer-term growth and sustainability

  • I help align various different departments and stakeholders achieve better results by inspiring, cultivating, and positively unifying their fellow leaders and employees towards a singular goal. 
  • My skillsets also includes strategic designing, guiding effective problem-solving and tactical planning sessions for executive teams and stakeholders.

Business Development

With branding and marketing as my core experience, I specialize in driving business growth through innovative initiatives. My insights in identifying opportunities, market trends, and building strong relationships, results in expanding market presence and driving revenue growth.


I excel in developing innovative marketing strategies and tactical campaigns - both traditional and digitally. My goal is to captivate audiences and ultimately driving results. Bottomline? Elevate brand engagement that fosters business growth. 


I specialize in conceptualizing and strategizing captivating brand narratives that resonate with audiences, driving recognition and fostering growth. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, I help businesses elevate their brand presence and connect with their target market on a deeper level.


I help guide companies to inspire, cultivate, and unify organizations under its brand.

My qualifications include: An advance certification; training & assessment facilitator (ACTA) and Personal Development Leadership (PDL) certified. I am also a certified professional marketer (CPM; Asia) and career expert in strategic visual communication, brand strategy, marketing communications and business development.

Who I Work With

  • My clients are CEOs, business owners, other C-suite leaders, entrepreneurs, and senior management teams.


  • Half of my work are for locally owned, national or global businesses that have roughly $3-20M in annual operating revenue and growing.


  • The other half are in the nonprofit sector: foundations, advocacy groups, associations, and learning institutions.