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“All creatives can be marketers, however, not all marketers can be creative.”
– Derek Yap

Derek Yap, CPM(ASia)

Agency experienced, seasoned marketer, with a strong creative background.

A pop-culture geek, gamer, and tech enthusiast.

Brand Specialist

Your business’ DNA, positioning, impression, and foundation that everything is built upon

Creative Director

Visual and content communication. Driving your message across to your clientele


Success measurements, strategy, and tactics. How marketing tracks your business growth

Hello, こんにちは.

Hi, and welcome to my webpage.

My name is Derek Yap, a creative marketer based out of Singapore.

As a certified professional marketer and experienced creative, I offer branding, creative directing, marketing consultation, and digital marketing services to help businesses achieve better campaign results.

My expertise lies in the abundance of hands-on years of experience I have to better help companies create better digital marketing campaigns.

So you need Digital Marketing.
How can I help?

1. Beginner.

You're new to Digital Marketing and don't know where to start. Let's start with the foundation:

Let's start with you.

Who you are.

(Identity, Logo, Strategy)
Business/Marketing Audit
Digital Business Assets
Let's Get Started!

2. Intermediate.

You are already accustomed with Digital Marketing and want to learn more effective best practices.

Let's explore more.

Who they are.

Business Alignment
(Marketing, Sales, Management)
Buyer's Persona & Journey
Go-To Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Assets (Development)
Learn More!

3. Advanced.

You already have the technical
'know-how' and in dire need of
Digital Marketing support.

Let's see what I can do for you.

How to reach them.

Lead/Demand Generation
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Digital Marketing Optimization
What I Can Do ⟶

So what is Inbound Marketing?

Need consult?

Digital Marketing’s all the rage these days and everyone’s talking about Inbound Marketing. So how does it work to further your digital marketing efforts?