About Me

Sit back and relax

Suiting up is always the best time of the day....Judging from the website’s name, it’s pretty obvious who I am. My name is Derek Yap, CPM (Asia). A little about me; I’m an Ambivert. Part geek, part socialite.

I did Advertising & Marketing spanning 6 years, double-diplomas in Graphic & Multimedia Communication and have worked in several Advertising agencies, two most prominent ones were Brand Communications, and a Marketing Solutions company. Suffice to say, I have had experience in being a Brand Specialist (Brand Managing, Brand Architecture, Brand Development, etc.) and Marketing. Soon after, I did a self-study course and graduated with a Post-Graduate Degree; Certified Professional Marketeer (Asia) conferred by Asia Marketing Federation (AMF). [ Link ]

“The Certified Professional Marketer, CPM (Asia), is the highest recognition for marketers who have attained a competent level of academic and practical understanding of marketing in the Asian region.”

Apart from the more commercial form of creativity, I was also a Lifestyle Writer – Party Blogger, Editorial Writer (Tech and Gadget Reviewer) for a prominent UK-based Technology Lifestyle Magazine (STUFF), and have also won an ‘Online Social Blogger’ competition (Like Cleo’s Most Wanted Bachelor).

After which, I then had a change of career and tried my hand at serving people as a cabin crew for Singapore Airlines. I took this opportunity to travel the world (while getting paid) and during which, I ventured into starting an online lifestyle magazine that covered everything from events, music, parties, to fashion, clubbing, and nightlife. This utilized my skills and experience mustered throughout my many years of experience in Advertising, Marketing, and Publication. Doing this incorporated with my passion for Lifestyle Writing and music, while sharpening my Advertising & Marketing skills.

I have a strong passion for many Lifestyle trends. This includes gourmet fine gourmet dining (Yes, I can cook), a deep appreciation for liquor (Yes, I enjoy a nice glass of whisky and/or wine), abreast with the latest news in the Fashion, Technology,Entertainment, and Music industry (mainly nightlife). Encompassing them all, I have also wrote a travel blog during my tenure with Singapore Airlines, which unfortunately was lost due to my web hoster’s server crashing.

Currently I am based in Singapore. If you are keen to engage me for food, fashion, or lifestyle review, or Advertorials, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading, and do, sit back, chill, and enjoy your stay.


Derek Yap, CPM (Asia)