Best Christmas Gifts for Guys (And 10-Awful Gifts To Avoid)

Christmas is creeping around the corner, and last minute headaches are now piquing feverish levels, as mobs of people are raiding/pillaging stores for last-minute gifts.

But hey, this post is more of an insight/idea/guide on what to get for male gender.

Fret not, being a guy, here’s something I have compiled. Let’s break it down into two 2-step elimination process.

  1. Is he a tech/gadget guy? Or a car/motorcycle kinda man?
    – Men are generally one of 2-types: either they’re totally into computers, tech, gadgets… or they are the ‘get-their-hands-dirty’ (anything with an engine) tinker-wrench monkey types.
  2. Does he spend more time indoors (at home), or outdoors (out-of-home)?
    – This would generally refer to the introvert/extrovert type, and we’re not talking about socialising. We’re talking about his ‘me-time’ aspect of his hobbies and lifestyle.

Based on these elimination questions, you could pretty much narrow down what sort of person he is.

For a more specific approach:

  1. Observe him.
    – What he likes, what he doesn’t, and the objects he most frequently uses. Maybe he’s into music? and you notice his headphones are fraying. Why not get him a good pair?
  2. Talk to him.
    – By talking to him, you could probably get a clear idea on what are his interests, hobbies, type of personality, and probably what he likes.…if you’re still stumped?
  3. Just ASK him.
    – Seriously. Just get straight-to-the-point. Men are not mind-readers. And getting them something that they wouldn’t want would only merit a platonic and formal gesture of thanks, without any real appreciation. We’d fake a surprise! Thank you for a thoughtful gesture of a wallet! (…and then throws it into a drawer with probably 5 other wallets in there)

Try empathising and thinking in-his-shoes, what would he use often, or perhaps something that might better his daily life.

On the side note, here’s my list of…

10 (God)Awful Gifts To Avoid

… giving any guy this Christmas. (Unless that was your intention all along, you evil thing you!)

1. Gym membership

What? Are you trying to say we’re fat? The gift of nagging won’t eventually get us into shape (or even off the couch), however rest assured there will be consequences.

2. Silly gadgets

Yes, we love gadgets and tech stuff. And no, we didn’t know you had limited budget. So instead of getting us cheap go-to-gadgets like a 3-in-1 pen, or some silly fidget spinner (which eventually you’ll be stealing anyway), do avoid attempting to be tech savvy on our behalf.

3. Ties

Seriously? Unless you work for Vogue, or some Men’s Magazine Editor with sensible fashion taste, us guys will question and doubt your clothing choices. No man is going to get excited to unwrap a new tie, no matter how useful it might be.

4. Bath products

That’s striking another nerve – do we have BO? Have you ever heard of any guy saying they were excited to receive bath products as a gift? i didn’t think so.

5. Jewelry

Men who wear jewelry don’t need a ton of it. And those who don’t, probably won’t. We’re not going to accessorise every outfit. If we don’t already have our own, your gift probably won’t change our minds.

6. Framed pictures

It’s the thought that counts, yet somehow we feel that’s going down the more ‘economical’ path, rather than sentimental. We can appreciate family photos framed nicely every other occasions, but don’t expect us to be excited, much less care much.

7. Recycled gifts

Be honest. You can’t lie that you received a crappy present at the office ‘Secret-Santa’ gift exchange and you’re trying to pawn it off to us. Believe me, it’s futile. We can read it in your eyes.

8. Kitchen Gifts
Unless your guy is a Gordon Ramsey chef, or he really-really enjoys working around the kitchen, I’d recommend against anything and everything that’s kitchen-related. I do however endorse and applaud if you’re thinking of anything that has to do with either alcoholic or caffeine – that’s a great thumbs up!

9. Souvenirs

Really? This doesn’t even count as a Christmas gift, let alone a meaningful one. This, you give on any-other-day basis, and to everyone. But not on Christmas.

And finally…

10. Coupons (Gift Certificates)

As much as we love saving money, but spending extra for something we might not want/need? Terrible idea. That and we know you probably got these for free (you cheapskate!).

So with these in mind, I wish you all the best, and whatever you decide to get him, I’m sure he’ll be happy. So wishing all of you readers, a wonderful and Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year (2019)!

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  1. Yika Chong

    Then how about powerbank, tictac, or a shirt? Hehehe😁😁

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