Why Coffee is good for you.

There 2-types of people in this world – Coffee, and Tea drinkers.

Wait, scrap that.

3-types. Of people in this world. I’m the third. I drink both. But mainly coffee.

So I usually get a lot of people telling me not to drink so much coffee (self-righteous, pompous, health-conscious ‘I-know-better-than-you’ types) and that it’s not good for me (or anyone in general).

Are you a scientist? Are you a Nutritionist? Do you have a degree in micro-nutrients?

Didn’t think so.

Instead, coffee is proven to be HEALTHIER and (Hell, yeah!) beneficial in overall. This includes reducing 2-types of cancer risks, lowering Alzheimer’s, and type-2 diabetes. Plus it boosts metabolism and gives that extra Oomph! in energy.

So here’s to all the older ladies who keep piping on about how coffee isn’t good for my health?

Joe Avella and Jessica Orwig of Tech Insider answers these questions and more on the Facebook series “Science the $#!* out of it.”

…because science doesn’t lie.

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