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Antique camera collector

Technology has always been coming and going. But what happens to the past? With all the rage of retro and yester-years all the rage now, here’s a guy whose been ultimately collecting antique cameras.

So every avid photographer has like, a multitude of lens collection, bodies, maybe even several different camera models. But can they beat David Silver’s collection of over 2,300 old cameras?

Didn’t think so.

Sadly, his collection has dwindled to a little over 200 and he only collects box cameras of the mid-century. His collection includes the retro Savoy toy box cameras, and even the first generation bellow cameras. But if you’re wondering what happened to the rest of his 2,300 cameras, David heartily sold them to other collectors so he can focus on his book detailing the history of cameras and operates theĀ International Photographic Historical Organization, helping other collectors identify old cameras and helps sellers locate buyers.

Give this man a cookie.

After watching this video, I’m enthralled to dig out my old Kodak that my Grandfather used back in the days, and hopefully restore it. I might post pictures of it next time.

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