Spotify my life

Pull up a chair. Enjoy the bitter sweet aroma of your freshly brewed coffee while lounging comfortably and watch the gentle trickles of the cool spray of rain cover the world.

Then turn up the volume and delight in my relaxing Spotify playlist…

So if you haven’t already noticed, my site is mainly in monotone Black & White themed.

Classy, fancy, with a pinch of sassy.

In fact, I purposely coined upon the low-quality sound quality of Spotify with a nifty little animated record player spinning on the right menu to further enhance the chillax, jazzy, relaxing ambience.

I tuned my playlist to enhance your immersion experience while browsing my site. Some light, mellow jazz, and with the low quality cackling to make it sound as if you’re really listening to an old record player.

So if you like my list, go ahead and ‘follow’ it.

As how Coca Cola phrased it…


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