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Here, have a seat.

Hiya. Hello. How’re ya? Welcome.

Pull up a chair (if you’re not already sitting on one), sit back, and relax while browsing through whatever’s going on with me on my site.

First up, I do apologize if my choice of music isn’t your cup of tea. I’d offer you some wine, but I don’t have any. Virtually. Meh. I prefer coffee over tea anyway… depending on my mood of day of course. Speaking of mood, I’ve thrown on some jazzy tunes for my own reading pleasure. So please forgive me if the sudden music startled the bejezzus out of you (Seriously, you really should turn down your speakers if you’re not listening to anything) Unless, of course, you equally enjoy the smooth groovy jazz rhythm. (We can totally be friends!) Then by all means, crank up the volume!


Go ahead and enjoy reading at your own risk (Don’t say I didn’t warn you). There’s plenty of chill stuff that I just randomly write about, a few rave and rants, a couple of news and updates that I kinda enjoy;  Fashion, Tech, Art, Music and all sorts of random crap top of my head. So expect lots of classy-snazzy, snappy, snarky sarcasm thrown into my writing here as well.

Yeah, Spongebob totally gets it.

Anyways yeah, as Coke’s tagline goes… Enjoy!

– Derek